To put it simply, the 5 & 1 Project is set up to support down ticket races within the Libertarian Party. The Presidential Race is far more well funded and gets more exposure, so we’re here to support as many candidates as we can. For far too long we have put most of the focus on a tower being built from the top down. We are here to help build the base and foundation.



On Sunday,  May 29th, 2016, Craig Bowden, a former candidate for Congress out of Utah, unveiled a plan to help get candidates elected to the U.S. House and U.S. Senate at the Libertarian Party National Convention.

This Political Action Committee is the next step from that seminar. Since then, we have expanded to start supporting down ticket races at the local and state level as well. We identify races that can be won, and after vetting the candidates, support them with what we are legally allowed per state and federal laws.

Make a Donation. Invite your friends. Share posts. Donate your time. And please, help fund the most massive candidate outreach in Libertarian Party history.

*** Donations are not deductible for income tax purposes ***


To sign up for updates, or if you are a candidate needing to correct information, please contact us.